Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Partner at Upekkha

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy (Prasanna) is a coach to entrepreneurs & human bull-shit detector. At Upekkha, he works with founders to build capital efficient SaaS businesses. He has coached more than a hundred entrepreneurs during his stints at Upekkha, Microsoft Accelerator, & iKen. While working with these entrepreneurs, Prasanna has created frameworks for early-stage founders to reach product-market-fit more repeatably. He has written extensively about these frameworks and shared them at multiple startup forums.

Prasanna was part of two B2B startups between 2005-2012, and also worked at Amazon, Microsoft, and Tejas Networks. He has a Masters in Telecom from University of Texas, Dallas and a Bachelors of Engineering in ECE from CEG, Chennai.