TheVerb Studio takes over the TearDown Dancefloor

TheVerb Studio is an online dance platform that allows users to access a step by step instruction based learning experience. It was founded by Ilangovan K S and Bharath Kumar J, in 2017. The startup was born from a deep shared passion for dance, by a couple of NIT Trichy graduates who didn’t want to let go of their love for dancing. Read on to know Ilan’s first hand experience as he speaks about his team’s experience at the TearDown event.


TheVerb Studio was one of the three startups selected for the 30th June TearDown edition event at NSRCEL Bangalore. Ilan was pleasantly surprised by his first TearDown event. He didn’t anticipate such a big audience for the TearDown’s public showcase. He was also thrown off by the name ‘TearDown’. He says, “I was anticipating a harsh panel, but the panel members turned out to be very sweet. The whole experience was really good”.

Before the panel provided their feedback, Ilan demonstrated a brief presentation of the startup. The presentation included challenges faced by the startup, and areas they needed feedback on. It also involved a fun, live beginner dance tutorial for the audience members.


When asked about the biggest takeaways from TearDown,  Ilan commented that the feedback given by Himanshu Khanna (Co-Founder at Sparklin) and Kevin William David (Community Lead at Siftery & Product Hunter) was particularly helpful. Himanshu’s specific, in-point insights about the UI/UX of the company’s website will be soon implemented. Himanshu also made Ilan realise the importance of validations in the webpage. The second major immediate implementation will involve the web pricing page model.

Ilan concluded by saying that the TearDown event will be highly beneficial for startups who have a product in place, whereas NSRCEL is a big boon to startups in all stages.

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