TearDown – 30th June 2018

The monthly Teardown event was conducted on the 30th of June 2018 at NSRCEL IIM Bangalore. The event supported by NITI Aayog, is an opportunity for selected startups to get critical feedback from a panel of expert entrepreneurs.

Fireside Chat

The event’s highlight was a one-of-a-kind firechat session between Hrishikesh Kulkarni, and Vijay R Lakshmanan – the Co-Founder of CloudCherry. It was centered around the theme Startup TearDown – Journey to Growth. Vijay provided insightful details into his story of success as a founder of a global management software company. The following are his biggest takeaways from the session:

  1. Being blatant while pitching sales
  2. Focus on Effort, Timing & Grace.
  3. Have a superior quality product.
  4. Engage with multiple people.
  5. Achieve easy wins first & double down on the wins later.
  6. Respect & value your product.
  7. Simplify the product for the people & customer’s to understand
  8. Enjoy the process but look at the outcome.
  9. If it’s too much stress the you are doing it wrong.
  10. Always have a tech co-founder.


Among several applications, the three startups that were selected for this month’s TearDown experience include Healthelife, TheVerbStudio, and Thekojewelleryshop.

The 30th June edition TearDown panel consisted of the following industry experts:

The panel members addressed the pain points of each of the startups, and gave invaluable suggestions from Design, Market, Customer, Tech and Investor angles.

The event was a great experience where enterprises received the unique opportunity of being analysed by company experts, and augment their knowledge about entrepreneurial growth. Not just the experts, but people from the audience also got to interact with the startups & give valuable suggestions from a user point of view.

You can be a part of the next edition of TearDown too. You are one click away from building your company. All you need to do is apply, or register to witness the event at http://www.teardown.in/. Don’t forget to follow NSRCEL on twitter for more updates on startup event!