99Tests’ Breakthrough With TearDown

99Tests was one of the three startups handpicked for the NSRCEL powered May2018 TearDown, an event that provides startups with critical feedback. The evaluation is performed by a panel of industry experts; in terms of growth, product discovery, UI/UX and unit economics.

Praveen Singh, the Cofounder and CEO of 99Tests represented his enterprise at the event.The seven year old company consisting of 10 members is India’s first crowd-sourced testing platform. It’s primary objective involves transforming the efficiency with which QA tests are performed.

Praveen described his experience at TearDown as instrumentally helpful in terms of business perspective. “The TearDown showcase was an unique experience”, stated Praveen. It helped him understand how 99Tests is perceived globally. This knowledge made him aware of the importance of messaging in the quest to reach a wider customer segment.

Advice From The Panel

Each of the five esteemed panel members comprehensively discussed the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Praveen shared that TearDown was an eye opener, which allowed him to gain sight of the business areas he needed to work on. Each panel member presented an in depth analysis on the company, and provided the following complementary feedback:

  • Maansi Sanghi (CMO of Lavelle Networks) said it as it is, and did not beat around the bush. She exactly pinpointed the company’s mistakes in terms of their website content, placing and messaging.
  • Ashish Solanki (Founder & Design Director at NetBramha Studios) shed light on the significance of creating specifically curated content for different types of customers. The current website had a lot of issues in terms of product definition and clarity. Customers could easily become confused, and hence, website positioning needed to be better and based on the customer’s needs.
  • Hrishikesh Kulkarni (Mentor in Residence @ NSRCEL, Director – Product, FreshDesk) laid emphasis on clarity in terms of how to approach different kind of partners compatible with 99tests.
  • Parag Dhol (Managing Director at Investus Capital Partners) provided a business value assessment of the company.

Praveen expressed his gratitude by saying that, “All the panel members’ feedback was extremely valuable to us. It was given to us at a time when we needed it the most. We are trying to grow, and once we implement the panel’s advice, it will surely help our enterprise”.

The Takeaway

Praveen summarized the biggest takeaway from the TearDown as the realization for the need for changing website messaging and content positioning in order to focus on different customer segments.

The 99Tests’ CEO concluded by saying that the showcase was a great experience overall. He added that he highly recommends other startups to participate in TearDown. The event is a rare opportunity to glance through a peephole and perceive your company the way outsiders do. So what are you waiting for? If you’re a startup, you too can experience TearDown. All you need to do is apply. If you’re an enterprise, you can also chose to register to witness the event that takes place every month.

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