TearDown Through Airim’s Eyes

Have you ever gone to a website looking for specific information? But once you’re there, it is all too easy to get lost within the enormous virtual wealth of material. Trust me, I understand by personal experience how frustrating and time consuming it can be to search for a needle in a haystack of widgets and content. And if you’re browsing on your phone, you might as well forget about finding what you’re looking for anytime soon.

When the same frustration overcame Sujoy Chaudhary, he decided to use his knowledge of data science and analytics to do something about it. He created Airim A widget for websites that provides FAQs, surveys and search options for customers, enabling them to quickly and painlessly find information. With a service like this, days of endless browsing might finally be over. In a short span of time (Airim was founded in April 2017), the 7 member team startup has managed to secure some big wolf clients in the education, finance, medical and insurance markets.

How does It Work?

Airim uses advanced data sciences to allow users to scroll through websites much faster. It does so by providing a list of the most likely top five questions in an easily accessible widget. Not only that, it has specifically curated automated questions for each specific page based on its content.

Besides providing a platform for customer interaction, Airim also helps website owners in terms of analytics of what customers really want.

Airim was created to be used at two fronts. Whether you’re a website owner or a website visitor, Airim can prove to be a helpful tool.  

  • As a website owner – You can effortlessly boost your sales, develop killer marketing strategies and spike up your conversion rate by getting insights on your customers’ needs, and by understanding your customer/content interaction.
  • As a website visitor – you can instantly get access to what you’re looking for. In a nutshell, Airim does the job of a lighthouse when you’re lost in a virtual sea.


Airim At TearDown

The startup was one of the lucky three shortlisted companies at the Public TearDown showcase at NSRCEL, the startup hub of IIM Bangalore. TearDown is an event that provides startups with critical feedback from a panel of industry experts, in terms of growth, product discovery, UI/UX and unit economics.

Sujoy Chaudhary, the founder of Airim, who represented the startup at the event,  expressed that he was very pleased with the insights and evaluation from the five members of the panel. When asked about his experience of TearDown, he stated that, “The panel’s feedback was very helpful. It was immediately actionable and practical. It wasn’t just theoretical”.

He further went on to express his gratitude to the panel for doing their homework, instead of giving their assessment from the top of their heads. He was glad that the panel came from a different range of backgrounds, which allowed him the opportunity to receive a holistic view of his company. The panel managed to touch every feature of the product during their evaluation. The experienced panel included:

  • Maansi Sanghi (the CMO of Lavelle Networks)
  • Parag Dhol (Managing Director at Investus Capital Partners)
  • Yuvraj Loganathan (Director – Platform engineering at Botmetric)
  • Ashish Solanki (Founder & Design Director at NetBramha Studios)
  • Hrishikesh Kulkarni (Mentor in Residence @ NSRCEL, Director – Product, FreshDesk).

Sujoy wasn’t the only one from this enterprise who attended the event. Though he was the speaker, he brought along four of his other company team members, so that they too could understand the panel’s insights and get a comprehensive view of how they could implement improvements.

A surprising turn took place, when one of the audience members turned out to be one of Airim’s clients. After discovering that Airim was participating in the TearDown event, they wanted to provide their first hand experience as a client to Airim directly. The Airim team felt that this was a valuable and unique experience.

Airim will be implementing almost all of the changes suggested by the panel. Some of them include creating an empathy map to understand customer journey. This input was provided by Ashish Solanki.

Maansi Sanghi’s inputs were particularly eye opening to the Airim team. She conveyed that the Airim website lacks in consistency, when it comes to messaging. This makes it difficult for customers to understand the product, inevitably resulting in lower sales. Sujoy expressed that his team will be trying to figure out customer usage and need patterns to solve this problem. Airim will also be making changes to the type of language used in its website to make it more customer friendly.

Sujoy concluding by saying that he considers himself to be very lucky to get an opportunity like this. He believes that for a startup, resources are limited, and that they need the advice of experienced mentors to tell them where to put these resources.

If you’re a startup, you too can experience TearDown. All you need to do is apply. If you’re an enterprise, you can also chose to register to witness the event that takes place every month.

Read about 99tests’ TearDown experience as well, to get a comprehensive understanding of TearDown. Follow TearDown on Twitter for updates and information on future Events. What to know more about events for startups? Follow NSRCEL’S Twitter account, to be a part of  IIMB’s startup hub.